Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement

Injectables, implants and surgery are used to enhance the lip shape and size. For those desiring more volume to their lips, we suggest starting with injectables before proceeding to longer lasting implants. This will allow you to experience fuller lips before doing something more permanent.

The current options for injectables include bovine and human collagen. Bovine collagen is the easiest to use and creates a nice augmentation effect. It is generally injected along the edge of the upper and lower lips to create a more defined lip roll. It may also be injected into the lip proper to create more fullness and puffiness. Before treatment with bovine collagen, you must be skin tested to rule out sensitivity to the product. This treatment is usually done with topical anesthesia only and requires little to no recovery time. You could experience some swelling of the lips, which may require a few hours to resolve.

The effects of bovine collagen in the lips generally last up to 9 to 12 months. Repeat injections are required to maintain the results. Human collagen, which comes from a donor, may also be used for lip augmentation and does not require a skin test prior to treatment. However, local anesthesia is usually required for this treatment and the incidence of swelling and bruising can be greater. The length of effect is similar to bovine collagen but with repeated injections may create a degree of persistent augmentation.


The “Lip Flip”

The Lip Flip, using Botox or Dysport, is an alternative for patients who want a more subtle top lip enhancement. This treatment temporarily relaxes the muscle over the top lip which causes the lip to roll slightly upward, giving the appearance of a fuller and defined upper lip.

The Lip Flip treatment is primarily for patients who want fuller looking lips but don’t want to add volume. Effects can last up to 4 months and is usually less expensive than a longer-lasting filler.

All videos, photographs, and testimonials present possible results. There is no guarantee that your results would be the same, as individual results will vary.

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