Surgical Lip Enhancement

Lip implants are an excellent option for those desiring longer term effects. The options include donated human collagen implants and synthetic implants. The best human graft in our experience is a dense collagen implant called Fasciablast. This is a freeze-dried graft from a human donor, which has been screened, tested and treated with a FDA approved process for nonviable human implant grafts. The implant is placed through an incision at the corner of each side of the mouth. It is placed in a pocket created under the mucosa of the lips. Once in place, the grafts are rehydrated which causes them to expand and soften. The lips will be noticeably swollen for at least 5 days after surgery and will be stiff for several weeks. For this reason, your smile may seem different and pursing of your lips will be difficult until the grafts soften and the swelling resolves. Although these grafts can create long lasting effects, it is not possible to predict what degree of permanent augmentation will occur. For this reason, some patients choose to have a permanent synthetic implant placed. In the past, the problem with synthetic implants is that they have been too stiff and the tendency for shrinkage and extrusion has been too high. A new implant on the market called Advanta seems to have greatly lessened the potential for these problems.

Lip Advancement

Another option for enhancement of the lips is called lip advancement. This is a surgical procedure, which removes skin from the edge of the lip or from under the nose above the lip. Dissolvable sutures are placed to advance the lip tissue. The scars from this procedure are usually minimal in nature and are hidden in the nasal-lip crease or along the edge of the lip. This creates a permanent effect and can shorten an elongated lip to nose distance.

All videos, photographs, and testimonials present possible results. There is no guarantee that your results would be the same, as individual results will vary.

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