Real Patient Testimonials

“My experience at the Martin Center has been nothing less than superb. All the treatments have met or exceeded my expectations. Dr. Martin and his staff are extremely professional, yet very calming and personable.”


“I was referred to The Martin Center by a former patient and I can say I was not disappointed. All of the staff are professional and knowledgeable. I did not have to wait at my appointments. I received calls after my surgery from the staff and I was very, very pleased with Dr. Martin’s skill. I did not have to use anything for pain after my eyelid lift. I have moved 300 miles away since my surgery but I will go back to see Dr. Martin for any further surgery I may need.”


“I am thankful that Dr. Martin of The Martin Center did my surgery for a deviated septum. Dr. Martin and his staff were so courteous, caring and helpful. I would definitely go back to The Martin Center for any future procedures. Thanks again, Dr. Martin for the wonderful job on my nose. My breathing is so much better.”


“I just can’t say enough wonderful things about how good I feel about myself with the work Dr. Martin did. It has been lovely to be able to wear my hair off my face and as I tell my girlfriends “life is better without jowls!” Thanks for a wonderful experience!”


“Knowing that Dr. William Stephen Martin is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and is extremely well respected by his patients, I looked at my three large facial moles in the mirror and confidently announced, “Martin Center, here I come.” Prepared to suffer for any improvement, I easily made my appointment and soon was inside The Martin Center listening to staff describe the ultra-modern lasers at Dr. Martin’s disposal. To my great satisfaction, Dr. Martin readily “vaporized” my moles while a gentle stream of chilled air soothed the treated areas. I felt only mild sensations throughtout the removal process. I regret not visiting The Martin Center sooner!”

“Surgery was something that I had never considered.  Now that I have had it, I’m so very pleased with my results. I’m impressed with how much it’s changed my appearance. I look at least 5 years younger. People ask me what’s different. When I tell them it was upper and lower eye-lid surgery, they are amazed that one procedure could make such a remarkable difference. The surgery took less than 2 hours. There was no pain and very little down time. I highly recommend this surgery. I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

“I waited and prayed for so long to have a normal-looking nose. I am so grateful to Dr. Martin for making it possible. I no longer have low self-esteem. I no longer hide myself in the back of a room or go by the drive-through window. Now I proudly hold my head up.  I feel pretty and, most of all, “normal”. Dr. Martin is such a talented doctor and I felt comfortable with him and his staff. I thank God for people like him who can really make a difference!”

“I love my beautiful lips!  My mouth area is incredible since I had Radiesse injections. Dr. Martin truly is the “lips doctor”. When I look in the mirror and smile, I think “face by Martin”. I now have confidence in myself.  Dr. Martin is super, and his friendly staff always makes me feel welcome.”

“I have been enjoying the ongoing benefits of lasers for several years now. The lasers have worked beautifully to even out the tone of my skin, resurface my skin for better and clearer texture, and even tighten my skin.  I am in sales, and my results are so remarkable that many of my customers have begun to have laser treatments also.”

“I am so pleased with the results of my latest surgery! It is almost impossible to describe the difference in how I feel. The results have surpassed my expectations! My looks have improved, and I am so pleased when I look in the mirror. Other people have noticed a change in me, and they ask me what I’ve been doing to look so well. Do I have a new hairstyle?  Have I stopped wearing glasses? They have no idea that it is because of Dr. Martin.”

“I now have a “face I can live with” and wish I had not waited so long to have the cosmetic surgery. Dr. Martin is the best!”

“For months, I searched for remedies for the dark circles and bags under my eyes. Along the way, I tried all sorts of over-the-counter products, herbal remedies, and eye creams. None of them worked. I found out about eye-lid surgery through an internet search. I then began my search for a surgeon who performed this type of surgery frequently and had an excellent reputation. I asked friends and acquaintances for recommendations and narrowed my list down to five surgeons. My positive impression of The Martin Center began with the first phone call and continued through my surgery and the subsequent post-op visits. I want to thank Dr. Martin and his staff at The Martin Center for a very positive surgical experience.”

“I am so very pleased with the work Dr. Martin did on my face. I can’t wait to come back to The Martin Center. Dr. Martin is a true genius!”

“Dr. Martin does excellent work. I admire him and his entire staff. I had such a wonderful surprise when I looked in the mirror after my nose splint was removed! I was delighted! My fiancé said, “Wow, I love it!” People at work have remarked on it also.”

“I enjoy looking in the mirror again and seeing the person I feel that I am. I did this for me, and I am very happy with the results. My dignity, pride and self-esteem are restored.”

“Plastic surgery is something that I do for myself. It makes me feel as joyful on the outside as I feel on the inside! When people ask me why I chose plastic surgery, my answer remains…..because I can!”

“It has been 5 years since I have had my rhinoplasty, chin implant, and neck lift. What a change it made! As a little girl and young woman, I was always self-conscious about my looks. Now that I have had my surgery, I feel so much better about myself and have much more confidence in my appearance. I thank God that I was given the opportunity to have the changes made and, if given the opportunity again, I would do it all over.”

“Dr. Martin is such a warm, caring doctor and has sculpted a nose that is just right for my face!”

“I thank Dr. Martin for performing surgery on my ear. He did a terrific job and is a super nice doctor.”

All videos, photographs, and testimonials present possible results. There is no guarantee that your results would be the same, as individual results will vary.

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